My story

Beara bear was born on 1 July 2017, but she has been in my thoughts for a long time. I have cherished the idea for many years, and now it is reality. I would like to tell you about our shared story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in Budapest, Hungary. When she was four years old, something went badly wrong with her hearing. She never found out why. It may have been an illness, it may have been the work of the Wicked Witch of the West, we’ll never know. The child’s hearing was damaged and she could now only hear with a hearing aid. It was difficult to accept, both for the girl and the people around her. Though her family showered her with love and a teacher specializing in deaf education helped her learn to speak, she often felt alone and looked down upon as an outcast. She wanted more love, to be accepted by someone, somewhere. She wanted to prove that she could do anything a person with normal hearing could do: she was good at sports and studied as much as she could. Thanks to her hard work and perseverance, the girl later won a scholarship to study at a college abroad and passed advanced exams in three languages. She is now a successful independent marketing specialist, but she will never forget how hard it was to live as a disabled child in a world built for ‘regular’ people.

Beara loves you ♥

All over the world, many small children have disabilities, and their parents struggle with similar problems. Which is why I had the idea for a bear who is like us. Beara is hard of hearing, wears a hearing aid and communicates in sign language, or sits in a wheelchair and uses a white cane – she has exactly the same disability as her little owner. This small bear is kind, smart and happy. For Beara, it is completely natural that she was born this way. She is really looking forward to meeting her new friend and being a faithful companion for many years. Beara helps make the unacceptable acceptable and the outside world love her and her owner. Beara wants her little friend to be a happy, confident child who can develop his or her talents and turn dreams into reality, regardless of any disability.