Charlie The Beara – The Boy with Hearing Aids: Charlie's story

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Charlie The Beara – Hearing Impaired BoyCharlie is an eight-year-old bear with impaired hearing and has worn a hearing aid since he was three months old. A deaf education teacher works with Charlie to perfect his speaking. Charlie really loves his two-year-old kid sister. He is a big boy now and teaches his sister all kinds of games and loves looking after her whenever he has the time.

His dad is a doctor and works a lot, while his mum is a secretary in a big company. Ever since he was tiny, his parents have taken him along to museums, telling him all about great discoveries, scientists and inventions. This little bear is interested in just about everything, all the way from dinosaurs to space exploration. It’s no wonder that he’s having trouble deciding whether to be a spaceman or a doctor, like his dad.

Charlie is a good student and polite and friendly to all his classmates and teachers, so everybody likes him. His best friend is called Henry and they do everything together. While his parents would prefer him to do a bit more exercise or take up a new sport, Charlie the Beara is so busy with so many different topics that he would be far happier hiding away with his books all day or watching documentaries on TV.

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