Danny The Beara – The Deaf Boy: Danny's story

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Danny The Beara – The Deaf Boy

Five-year-old Danny Beara is always on the go – he can’t sit still for a minute. He loves playing tag with his friends and trying out everything in the playground. He always climbs about twenty times up the ladder so he can enjoy going down the slide over and over again. All that moving around could be the reason he reacts so well to any signals and is good at sensing vibrations. This is why his hearing parents only realized he had problems with his hearing when he was two years old. A BERA test then confirmed that Danny was deaf, most likely since birth. His parents learned sign language and decided that their son would be taught both spoken and sign language.

Danny’s mum decided to stay at home with him and do everything she could to make sure her little boy can cope confidently in the outside world. His dad is a games developer and lets his son try out any games which are designed for children. Now and again Danny can get in a bit of mood though, as he wants to play all of the games on his parents’ phones too but knows that he’s not allowed. You should also know that Danny loves ice cream, and that when he grows up he would like to be a basketball player, just like his neighbor, Jimmy.

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