Emma The Beara - The Girl with Hearing Aids: Emma's story

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Emma The Beara - The Girl with Hearing Aids

The mischievous Emma the Beara lives in the countryside and is soon to celebrate her sixth birthday. She is the youngest in a big family of five children, which is why everyone spoils her a little bit. Especially her grandmother, who often looks after her. Her brothers and sisters and parents all have good hearing, and her mum and dad teach in the local primary school. Emma developed a problem with her hearing after an illness. She has worn a hearing aid in both ears since she was three, but it doesn’t bother her at all. She goes to kindergarten alongside children with good hearing. They pay no attention to the hearing aids and love playing with her.

Emma would like to discover the whole world. Her favorite things are butterflies on flowers and shiny beetles. Ever since her oldest brother taught how to safely climb trees, Emma’s favorite hiding place is amongst the thick greenery of the apple tree in their garden. When she gets involved in playing, she never even thinks about the fact that she has a hearing aid. When they were on holiday, for example, she had no qualms about diving into the lake, before looking up at her dad with a guilty look on her face when she realized she had got the device all wet. Luckily nothing happened to it, and since then she has looked after it better and always remembers to take it out if she’s going in the water.

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