Jenny The Beara – The Deaf Girl: Jenny's story

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Jenny The Beara – The Deaf Girl Jenny is a seven-year-old, very cute little deaf bear, who has not been able to hear since birth. She lives in a ‘mixed’ family: her mum is also deaf, while her dad can hear. Jenny is very proud of her parents, and both her parents are very proud of her. Her mum is the president of a foundation which provides support for deaf people, while her dad is an engineer and speaks several languages fluently. For Jenny, it is completely natural that she speaks in sign language at home and with her friends. When she was little, she thought that everybody could understand her. This led to a lot of funny situations where her dad helped translate for her. She now knows that you have to learn sign language, and she is trying to pass it on to her dogs. Jenny is a smart, adaptable and happy little girl.

She only started attending a school for deaf children this year but she already knows how to read. She loves reading stories and imagining and drawing her favorite characters. She especially loves drawing queens and princesses. Her last creation was so good that her teacher sent it to an international drawing competition. This little bear is really excited about finding out the results of the competition, but she is looking forward even more to the day when her little brother is born. Her mum says that there aren’t too many sleeps to go!  

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